Sunday, 27 February 2011

Super Smash Brothers: Brawl

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics are pretty, and well-designed, but they're not exactly cutting-edge. I don't imagine they could push the Wii's hardware to the limits in terms of graphics, 'cause of all the stuff going on, on-screen.

Music and Sound: 10/10

Every character has a soundtrack from their respective games. It doesn't get much better than that. Sound effects are also pretty good, but sometimes they feel like they lack "umph".

Gameplay: 9/10

Anyone who has ever played a Smash Bros. game can skip this section.
Brawl lends itself to the same sort of gameplay that has been present in past Smash Bros. games, although I've been told it's not much different from the Gamecube version. Why mess with success? Brawl packs quite a wallop in terms of playability; unlockables galore, unique items to keep battles fresh, et cetera.
The Smash Bros. games, for those who don't know, are massive... brawls... in limited arenas. Players choose a character at the start of the match and try to knock the tar out of their opponents. There are tons of moves to learn, and lots of weapons that can be acquired mid-brawl, but it all boils down to fighting. The fighting tends to get old quick, however; I often found myself wishing a brawl would be over, just so I could go do something else. The game is excellent, but other than unlockables, I see no reason to play single player. Multiplayer can be fun, but you ought to find good players, 'cause winning all the time sucks too.
Online components make finding opponents much easier, but that's not for everyone.

Dialog and Story: 3/10

The story mode was absurd.

Controls: 7/10

Controls are very solid, but having multiple buttons to do the same thing is redundant. They're customizable though, so it can be fixed.

Closing Comments

Brawl is a game that is worthy of the title "killer app". But don't plan to play single player any longer than you absolutely have to.

Rating: 8/10


  1. hm i never was a fan of super smash brother, but maybe i should give it a new try

  2. Good blog, I wait for your next post.

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  3. agreed. brawl is a good game other than the story mode

  4. this game was so great seriously I realy love playing it.

  5. Super smash bros on N64 was epic. Great game to this day! only reason i keep my N64 lol. Good post!

  6. I thought the Subspace Emissary was a huge improvement over past games for 1 player mode. You can also play with a friend which is fun.

  7. *gasp!* you dare give the smash a number lower than absolute perfection?!

    i shall have silence, from you, good sir! 0_0

    ps. ur captcha is on

  8. i really love all the SSB games, totaly awesome :) following

  9. Nice review! Melee and the original are still my all-time favorites of the series though I must say...